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10 Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas




Weddings can result in a lot of waste and unnecessary use of resources. If you want to celebrate your wedding in style while still being environmentally responsible, consider all the planning details! Let your wedding planner know from the start that this is important to you and they can help you find eco-friendly options throughout the process. We’ve compiled a list of ten wedding tips for the environmentally conscious couple:

01 – Repurpose the Family Jewels

Your dream wedding diamond may already be sitting in your grandmother’s jewelry box, unworn and waiting for its time to shine again! If you’re really lucky, the ring glows with understated sophistication and perfectly encases your ring finger. But some vintage wedding ring designs may be outdated or simply the incorrect size, in which case you can always reset a diamond or melt the gold from a family heirloom to create a new wedding ring that suits your individual style.

conflict free diamond engagement ring

02 – Research Ethically Sourced Wedding Rings

Another eco-conscious route is to find an engagement ring and wedding band adorned with conflict-free diamonds. We all know by now that a traditional diamond usually comes at a cost to the environment and the people who mine them. Opt for a company that offers stones with environmentally responsible origins, such as Brilliant Earth. They have a variety of designs and metals, even featuring some elegant art deco inspired wedding rings.

Eco-friendly and environmentally conscious wedding ring

03 – Reuse a Family Wedding Gown

I know what you’re thinking…the PUFFED SLEEVES. But there are ways to incorporate your mother or grandmother’s gown without looking like an 80s prom attendee. Consider removing the sleeves and shortening an overly voluminous train if you are having a summer wedding. Or, if the shape is unsalvageable, perhaps the silk, lace panels, and beads, can be reconstructed into something uniquely tailored for you. Vintage lace is unmatched in its detail and quality. Your wedding planner will know a knowledgeable seamstress who can transform your piece of family history into a more modern and refined wedding dress.

woman wearing family wedding gown

04 – Use Recycled Paper Stationery

A virtual wedding invitation is one way to reduce paper use, but if you enjoy the thrill of receiving a thoughtfully designed wedding invitation in the mail, ask your wedding planner to look into using a stationery company that prioritizes using recycled paper for their products. Paper Culture takes it a step further and plants a tree with every order!

Eco-friendly and sustainable wedding invitations.

05 – Choose an Outdoor Venue 

If you are looking to conserve electricity and use less disposable decor, consider an outdoor wedding venue with a daytime ceremony. A sunny day offers the perfect lighting and the beautiful surroundings are more than enough decoration. Collaborate with your wedding planner to find a suitable outdoor venue. From waterfront destinations to mountaintop vistas, the possibilities are endless! 

locally sourced wildflower wedding arch

06 – Eco-Friendly Floral Arrangements

The floral industry can be extremely wasteful; exotic blooms are transported across the world using enormous amounts of fossil fuels and then wrapped in copious amounts of single-use plastic. Ask your wedding planner to look into floral companies that prioritize seasonal blooms to minimize the distance traveled. Many companies create unique floral arrangements using foraged and locally grown flowers, such as Wild Vine Floral.

Sustainable wedding bouquet

07 – Avoid Plastic Decor

Single-use plastic can seem unavoidable in any celebration, but with a little planning you can find more eco-friendly substitutes. In regards to utensils and tableware, silver and glass will always be classier than plastic, with the added bonus of reflecting the candlelight. For decor, inform your wedding planner that you would like to focus on organic elements that can be composted or taken home by the guests. Instead of plastic confetti, dried flowers will lend a sense of modern refinement to your celebration.

Plastic free wedding decor

08 – Rentals Rule

Renting your table linens and event furniture is eco-friendly and budget friendly. Plus you won’t have to worry about finding a place to store all those tablecloths after the party. Your wedding planner can also look into linen rental companies that use green dry-cleaning technology. 

Budget friendly wedding rentals

09 – Source Local Food

Your wedding planner will be able to source a catering company that uses local organic produce and pasture-raised animal products. Not only will this conserve water and resources, but it also creates a seasonally appropriate palette for the wedding.

Seasonal wedding catering

10 – Consumable Party Favors

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to send your guests home with a sweet memento of your beautiful day, but you also don’t want to see a plastic cup with your wedding photo on it at the thrift store! Give out an eco-friendly wedding favor that your guests can use throughout the year, such as a custom scented candle or a jar of locally sourced honey.

Wedding ring box.

Ready to plan your own eco-friendly wedding?

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Remember bride-to-be, this journey is a once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. Embrace every step!

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