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With the longer days, blooming flowers, and breezy weather, spring will always be an ideal time for a wedding. We’re seeing more and more couples have fun with the little details, choosing unique wedding outfits and bold statement decor. From reimagined bachelorette parties to whimsical wedding cake designs inspired by nature’s bounty, the current spring wedding trends are all about that personal touch. And, of course, florals for spring will always be groundbreaking! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite 2024 spring wedding trends that will be sure to inspire your wedding planning journey.

1. Spring Wedding Trend: Bridal Separates

Bridal sets and bridal suits have become a chic option for brides who want to forgo the traditional bridal gown. Fashion houses have caught on, offering plenty of options. If you like a tailored look, pay special attention to the fit around your chest and shoulders to ensure the ensemble looks great at every angle. For those who like a more flowing outfit, balance it out with delicate shoes. Bridal separates provide more versatile styling choices and you can mix and match to personalize your wedding day silhouette.

2. Whimsical Spring Wedding Cakes

Over the past five years, cake design has slowly become more sculptural and unconventional. This spring wedding trend is partly due to the renewed joy found in social gatherings, calling for creative and exuberant bakes. Spring wedding cakes will be maximalist and colorful! Aimee France, an in-demand baker who works out of Brooklyn, NY, constructs topsy-turvy cakes brimming with charm. Sprigs of flowers and pops of fruity color will add the perfect celebratory air to your spring wedding!

3. Buttercup Yellow: Spring Wedding Bridesmaids Dresses

For bridesmaid dress colors, we think that buttercup yellow will be a major spring wedding trend. It’s light enough that it won’t clash or contrast with wedding whites, while still adding some visual warmth. The light and cheerful buttercup hues will look great with wedding florals of any color.

4. Spring Trend: Silver Accessories

Silver accessories have been recently spotted on all the current it-girls and we can also see this easily becoming a spring wedding trend. Silver leather shoes or a compact silver clutch will elevate your wedding style. Plus, the color is neutral enough not to overpower your wedding gown. Silver will add the perfect pop of shine to a modern wedding day look.

5. Wedding Weekend

wedding celebration dinner

Rather than celebrating for just one day, we think more people will opt for multi-day wedding celebrations. This is not new for some cultures, such as in India, but we can see more people across the board choosing to stretch out the party for a full weekend. You’ll have more opportunities for lively entertainment and memorable meals. This also allows for plenty of time to enjoy the company of all your guests!

6. Wedding Scents

jo malone wedding scents

Scent plays a major part in forming our memories, which is why we think that couples will choose to scent their spring wedding ceremonies and receptions with a favorite room spray, essential oils, or incense. This subtle detail will elevate the atmosphere, fully transporting you and your guests into a cohesive vision. Jo Malone offers a bespoke service to help you discover the perfect wedding scent.

7. Customized Guest Favors

personalized wedding favors

In line with the spring wedding trends that lean towards increased personalization, couples will start to offer more thoughtful wedding guest favors. Small mementos will remind guests of your amazing wedding celebration. Think: homemade jar of jam, custom tea blend, embroidered handkerchiefs, home brew, or handwritten notes. You can even hire an artist to create quick sketches of the guests!

8. Edible Flowers

edible flowers wedding cocktails

Edible flowers don’t often adorn cocktails, but when they do it’s a delightful surprise. This is another delicate and personalized touch that will help to create a cohesive wedding atmosphere. You can choose a flower garnish that symbolizes your love, such as one you saw in a field you hiked through together, or from the bouquet your partner brought you on your first date!

9. Wellness Bachelorette Parties

Many modern women prefer to fill their down-time with self-care and wholesome group activities, rather than partying hard. Feeling great is the best way to have fun! Overall, younger generations drink less, creating tangy adrenal mocktails instead. For spring weddings, many women will choose relaxing getaways and aesthetic experiences that align with their personal hobbies for their bachelorette weekend. From full-service wellness retreats to a private crafting session, the possibilities are as endless as your creativity.

10. Hiring a Wedding Content Creator

Content creators are a fairly new occupation and they’ll soon play a key role the wedding industry. Our spring wedding trend prediction is that couples will hire designated content creators for their wedding day. Separate from the formal wedding photographer, the content creator will capture all the behind the scenes moments and candid videos. They’ll also create a brand for the wedding to visually tie together the entire event.

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