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5 Color Palettes for a Summer Wedding




5 Color Palettes for a Summer Wedding

The endless days of playful sunshine and romantic breezy nights make summer weddings an eternally classic choice. Some couples go bold and bright with their wedding color palette, while others keep it traditionally neutral. With so many inspiring wedding images out there, it can be hard to know where to start. Colors will guide the overall atmosphere of the entire wedding and it’s important to feel confident in your decision. That’s why we’ve decided to create a guide to our favorite summer wedding color palettes for every kind of wedding celebration.

1. Elegant Earth Tones

earth tone summer wedding color palette

Introducing sage green into a more neutral summer wedding color palette will add a feeling of refined warmth to the overall decor. With green as your anchor color, any lighter cream colored accents will pop. This palette looks great in bright daylight and by candlelight.

2. Blushing Ballet Pinks

pink wedding color palette

If you want your wedding to feel like an evening at the ballet, then you’ll definitely want to include pink in your palette. Choose softer, natural pink tones, rather than bright and artificial pinks. Gold accents, in your tableware or lighting, pair well with this palette. Treats from Ladurée will add that extra French flair!

3. True Blue

blue wedding color palette

If you’re looking for more contrast in your wedding palette, consider pairing the wedding whites with blue. Navy is a timeless accent color and translates well from day to night. Choose silver tableware for maximum impact. These colors work especially well with a waterside venue or with dark wood interiors.

4. Lovely Lilac Summer Wedding Color Palette

lilac summer wedding

Purple is a fantastic summer wedding color, reminiscent of blooming lilac trees and tender sunrises. Make it pop by pairing it with some peachy accents. Fun, romantic, and lively, this summer wedding color palette sets the tone for an exuberant celebration.

5. Hazy Afternoon Warm Tones

warm summer wedding colors

This late summer wedding color palette is inspired by hibiscus flowers and lounging by the pool with a mimosa. The warm tones will welcome your guests into an evening of relaxed celebration as you enjoy the last sweet days of summertime. We’re imagining a bonfire at the afterparty!

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