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Where we find wedding inspiration

Finding inspiration for your wedding day design is an exciting and creative process that allows you to infuse your own personal style into every aspect of your special day. Whether you’re envisioning a romantic garden affair, a modern minimalist celebration, or a glamorous and opulent event, there are countless sources of inspiration waiting to be discovered. And while Instagram may serve as the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing, chances are high that the beautiful images that stick out to you, stick out to others as well.

At Fuld & Co., our goal is to curate a wedding that is a true reflection of you, not the latest trends. Explore some of the unexpected avenues we scope out to spark our own imagination for each of the weddings we produce.

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Architecture can be an extraordinary source of inspiration when it comes to wedding decor and overall design. Which is why one of the first things we do in our process is to start at the venue. We take a look at the architecture and history of a couple’s selected venue and pay close attention to its structure and any architectural details that catch our eye. Is the couple drawn to this particular venue for its clean and modern lines, historic grandeur, or whimsical charm? 

For example, my own wedding venue was a Tudor-style revival mansion built in the 1900s. The beautiful stone façade and warm, hand-carved wooden panel interiors instantly inspired me. I wanted to develop an aesthetic that stayed true to the venue, so I created a modern twist on a 1900s dinner party. Low centerpieces created the intimacy of a small family gathering, a traditional white tablescape highlighted the wood carvings on the interior walls, and midnight blue lounge furniture on the patio complemented the cool tones of the estate’s exterior stone.

Interior Design

The realm of interior design offers us a wealth of inspiration to transform our couples’ wedding venues into a space that reflects their personal style. My favorite way to do this is to simply pick up the latest design magazine and coffee table books for some fresh inspiration. They’re a great source to gather ideas on the latest color palettes, textures, patterns, furniture arrangements, and decorative details.

We often ask our clients during the design process about their own home interiors. This gives us a great sense of what design elements they lean towards – are they more drawn to the warmth and elegance of vintage-inspired interiors or the clean and contemporary lines of Scandinavian design? What does the design of their favorite restaurants and hotels say about their style?


Travel is not only an adventure for the soul but also an incredible source of inspiration for wedding day design. We travel often and love pulling ideas along the way. Whether it’s from exploring small boutiques and local markets, or noticing the amazing floor tiles inside the resort lobby, all the sights, sounds, and cultures we encounter during our journeys can be infused into your wedding design.

Similarly, a favorite destination of our couples can help us curate a truly personalized design. We love to let the spirit of a beloved destination transport guests to a place of enchantment on your wedding day.


Fashion is an ever-evolving realm of inspiration, and it can play a significant role in shaping our clients’ wedding day design. Not only does fashion serve as a great source of understanding color combinations, but most of the time, new patterns and textures hit the fashion world before the wedding world. We look for these upcoming trends by watching runway shows, reading magazines, and even exploring window displays at high-end department stores. We then use this to help consider how you can translate these fashion elements into your wedding attire, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen attire, and even your overall wedding color scheme. 

Get the wedding inspiration your big day deserves 

No matter where we find wedding design inspiration, we’re devoted to serving our clients a highly personalized event. This is why we choose to work exclusively with a limited number of clients each year, delivering dedicated service and guiding our couples through a bespoke planning journey

Our personalized service guides you through the entire wedding planning process from start to finish, including planning, design, production, management, and day-of coordination. We welcome your collaboration, yet take care of everything—so you can relish in this time together.
Click here to inquire and take a closer look at our process at Fuld & Co. We can’t wait to start inspiration gathering for your wedding day!

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